Two Wild Card teams refuse to lose and meet in the World Series

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The World Series is now front and center in the sports news and sports on the web. It will be the second time in MLB Playoffs history that the teams battling in the World Series are both wild card teams. The first was the Angels beating the Giants in the 2002 World Series. Taking the longest road possible to reach the pinnacle of the World Series. You have the young upstart Royals that swept through the American League ALDS and ALCS championships to reach the World Series against a MLB playoff Giants team that has been about the most consistent in the game over the last five years. It will be their third World Series appearance in those five years and they won both of their previous appearances to become World Series Champions. When the Royals swept through the American League playoffs it was the first time since the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks that a team went through the division series and the conference final without losing a game. Talk about peaking at the right time. So how did these teams make it to the World Series, the pinnacle of professional Baseball.

The American League is often called the Junior Circuit. Who will represent in the MLB Playoffs

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The Royals frustrated the Orioles completely with their defense and timely hitting and the Royals bullpen really shortened the game. If you have not scored before the seventh inning with those guys, chances are you won’t be. The Royals pen reminds Allsports of the 1992 Blue Jays where Dwayne Ward and Tom Henkie cleaned house from the seventh inning on. Lorenzo Cain was a thorn in the Orioles side all series long and recorded eight hits in fifteen at bats for a .533 average. He was rightfully named the MVP of the series but honorable mention has to go out to the Royals bullpen for shutting the door on a very dangerous Orioles team.

The National League, also known as the senior circuit, who will represent in the MLB Playoffs

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In the National League Allsports did pick the Cardinals to win it but two things happened that made it so it was not in the cards for them, pardon the pun. First the Cardinals lost their all world catcher in Yadier Molina who suffer an oblique muscle strain and could not swing a bat. Secondly a guy named Madison Bumgarner out pitched Cards ace Adam Wainwright in there two starts to swing the tables into the Giants favor. Bumgarner was throwing BB’s up there for the Cards to hit without much luck. He pitched 15.2 innings, giving up three runs and the Cards batted .170 against him. He has been a horse for the Giants and Allsports feels he is the best money pitcher in the game today. He just wins baby and he received the NL MVP. Allsports thought it would have been interesting to see Molina trying to throw out the speedy Royals on the base paths but it just was not to be.

The World Series, sometimes referred to as the fall classic

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So now the stage is set for the World Series to begin on Tuesday in Kansas City. The Royals will have home field advantage in the World Series due to the fact that the American League won the all star game this year. Both of these teams have seemed destined to meet for the World Series and both have exhibited that refuse to lose attitude but now something has to give. The Royals have not been beaten yet in the MLB Playoffs and the Giants have only lost twice. It should make it interesting for a great World Series. Madison Bumgarner has to keep up with his pitching mastery or the Giants could be in trouble. The Royals play a National League type of game and can manufacture runs with their speed. Giants catcher, Buster Posey will have his work cut out for him trying to keep the Royals honest on the bases.


The Royals defense has been great and the main reason they are in the World Series

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Allsports has been very impressed with the Royals defense all through the MLB Playoffs and it is one of the main reasons they got to the World Series. Fly balls are tracked down in the outfield and it has to be about the best in the game from what I have seen. The Royals seem like a team of destiny this year and everything is clicking for them. Speed on the bases and timely hitting, not to mention a better bullpen than the Giants. Weighing everything up Allsports has to go with the Royals to win this years World Series. The Giants have proven very resilient but the Royals have a better defense and a bullpen that can shut down the opposition. Bumgarner will have to be lights out in the series for the Giants to have a chance.

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“No Guts No Glory”

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