Two great highly skilled teams battle for the NBA crown


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On one side you have LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and on the other Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and James Harden. These are some of the best young players in the game that have come of age and are ready to challenge for an NBA title in the sports news and sports on the web. The series should go the distance

The Thunder have been notoriously slow starters in quite a few of these playoff games but they have managed to overcome this with their talent and ability. Well their slow start last night cost them the game because the Heat are equally talented and you can’t let them jump out to an 18-2 run right off the bat and expect to recover. The Thunder overcame their slow start in game one but were not so lucky last night.  The Thunder did fight back in the second half to make a game of it but they threw up a couple of bricks down the stretch and came up just short. In Allsports opinion LeBron James got away with a foul on Kevin Durant with about seven seconds left. Westbrook ended up having to foul James after the missed call and James sunk the free throws to seal the victory, tying the series heading back to Miami. The final was 100-96 so you can see how huge the missed call was.

LeBron James has been a scoring machine in the NBA finals

LeBron James

Allsports is liking the Oklahoma Thunder over the Miami Heat for a  few reasons, based on team play.First and foremost, the Thunder have a true point guard in Derek Fisher, he has been through the wars before and knows how to distribute the ball to key players at the right time, he sees the floor well and has great anticipation as plays develop. The Heat on the other hand have Chandler who is not quite ready or good enough to make the most of the talent he is playing with. Another problem with the Heat is both Wade and James want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line, Allsports touched on this way back when James and Bosh signed with Miami in an article titled ” Is the Miami Heat Migration good for the NBA“. Well guess what, there is only one ball so they have to sort it out.You can see the confusion sometimes in the fourth quarter as the Heat experience coverage breakdowns and  uncertainty on ball distribution. Unless Wade hands over the Reins of the team to James they will always have some issues. You need your go to guy in the fourth quarter and James is a little bigger and stronger than Wade. The confusion was never more evident than in the 3rd quarter of game one when the Thunder stepped up the defence and Miami looked confused and could not get penetration thus giving up a lead.

Derek Fisher signed as a free agent with the Thunder on March 21st 2012

Derek Fisher

Second, the Thunder have a better bench than Miami and unless the Heats big three can play the whole game and stay out of foul trouble, the Thunder has the advantage during those minutes. Man for man the Thunder are quicker than the Heat and when they start to play that relentless swarming  defence they are tough. Turn overs and counter attacks are the result

Three, the Thunder are more of a team than Miami. They have there great young players as mentioned above but they have all bought into the team system and the pieces have been assembled over three or four years. Here again I mention Derek Fisher, he is the glue that holds the team together. The experience that he brings from his days with the Lakers (he has 5 championships with the Lakers) keeps the younger players focused and with his ball distribution he keeps them all in the game. Who knows, the Lakers are maybe kicking themselves now for Trading him and if he was still a Laker, would they be playing the Heat for the championship instead?

Finally, the fourth reason is the Thunder are a younger team than the Heat, especially on the bench. Younger usually means faster and they are that. The fourth quarter could be a tough go for the Heat if their big three get into foul trouble. With all that said Allsports is picking the Oklahoma Thunder to win their first championship in six games.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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