The Miami Heat are on the verge of their Second NBA title

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So I guess the Allsports jinx works for Basketball as well as Hockey. In my last post I picked the Oklahoma Thunder to win the NBA title in 6 games for the sports news and sports on the web. Well the way it is looking now the Thunder had better wake up and start playing a better team game or we won’t even see a game six back  on Oklahoma’s home court. The Heat has followed up their split in Oklahoma with two straight wins at home and are knocking on the Championship door with a 3-1 series lead.

Some more information on the Trophy from Wikipedia. The Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is a trophy awarded to the National Basketball Association (NBA) team that wins the NBA Finals at the conclusion of every NBA season.

The Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy

The Thunder just have no answer for LeBron James who is playing like a man possessed in the finals. He is using all of his considerable skill to carry his team-mates to the promised land and has put together monster games consistently. Don’t get Allsports wrong here, Wade, Bosh and last night Mario Chalmers all had great efforts in the win but LeBron James is the straw that stirs the Heat’s drink. The James threat opens up the court for the rest of the team. The 104-98 final score of the game flattered the Thunder and if not for a huge game by Russell Westbrook and his 45 or so points, the Thunder would have been buried. It was too bad really though because near the end of the game Westbrook showed his inexperience and became rattled allowing the Heat the free throws needed to close it out. Here is the video evidence. Westbrook must have thought that the Heat got the full clock on the play but actually all the Heat had was 5 seconds so there was no need to foul.

Russell Westbrook was brilliant in game 4 scoring 45 points to keep the Thunder in the game

Russell Westbrook

So now the Thunder have their backs against the wall and need their best effort of the final Thursday night in Miami. After being one of the best free throwing teams in the regular season and throughout the play-offs, they seem to have lost that focus at the line. The games have been so close that throwing up the bricks has been the difference between winning and losing. Could it be that the Thunder are finally showing their inexperience and nerves are taking over in the NBA’s biggest stage? I guess we will see on Thursday night.


Miami has been there before and now know what it takes to close things out. They learned their lessons well after letting the Dallas Mavericks up off the court and ultimately the bitter taste of a Championship lost. You can be sure that bitter taste is still fresh for James, Wade, Bosh and company and they are not about to let it slip through their fingers again. The Thunder still have a small hope but no team in the history of the NBA has come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a championship. The Thunder will have to play near perfect basketball to have a chance and you can be sure that the Heat smell blood in the water and will be moving in for the kill.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb



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