The Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy

Rick Carlisle with Championship Trophy

Well allsports does not follow Basketball much in the sports news or sports on the web but when the NBA gets down to crunch time I usually tune in to check some of the game action out. I was rooting for the Dallas Mavericks to take down the Miami Heat (allstars) and they did which was great.

Miami Heat are introduced to their fans

Miami Heat Introduced

One of the main reasons I was hoping the Mavs could do it was Dirk Nowitzki, the guy has been the consummate professional for his whole 13 year career and was always the brides maid but never the bride. So many great regular seasons only to have playoff disappointment. He has also been loyal to his team throughout, not like the group of “allstars” that he faced in the final. Dallas showed that good tough team play can sometimes overcome pure talent although Nowitski did lead his team by example and was the best player on the floor for each of the games. Dallas showed poise and a smothering defense to win the crown and seemed to ramp it up a notch in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. So much so that Lebron James became invisible in almost ever game once the fourth quarter started.

DIrk Nowitski Lifts the Larry O'Brien Trophy

DIrk Nowitski Lifts the Larry O'Brien Trophy

Dirk Nowitzki, won the MVP award which was suiting considering he missed like one free throw in the whole final and received high praise from his coach as the “best player on the planet”. So now Nowitski can add NBA Champion to his resume.

“No Gut No Glory”

Walt Webb

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