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The MLB Playoffs have reached the Conference Championship stage in the sports news and sports on the web. There were a few twists that Allsports did not see coming at the Division MLB Playoff level which is a little bit of an understatement considering  he went one for four in that round of the MLB Playoffs. Even the one that was right was kind of wrong. Allsports did pick Baltimore over the Detroit Tigers in their MLB Playoff ALDS series but the margin of victory was supposed to be slight and the MLB Playoffs series was supposed to go the distance. The Orioles handled the great Tigers starting pictures and once they got into the soft underbelly of the Tigers bullpen the fat lady started to sing. The brooms came out an it was a three game sweep for Baltimore. The Orioles served notice that they will be a formidable opponent in the Conference Championship of the MLB Playoffs.

The surprise of the MLB Playoffs has to be the Kansas City Royals. No one gave them a chance against the Angels, Allsports included. All they did was sweep away the Angels in their ALDS, MLB Playoff series. Making the best team in baseball through the regular season look very ordinary in the process. There were some MLB Playoff firsts in this series. It was the first time a team opened the MLB Playoffs with three consecutive extra-inning games.   The Royals won them all, one against Oakland in the Wild Card MLB Playoff game and then the first two in L.A. to open that series. There sure was not much to cheer about in La La Land, that’s for sure. The second first was that it was the first time the team with the best record in baseball through the regular season was swept in their first series of the MLB Playoffs. Allsports was happy this prediction was wrong and enjoyed the baseball the Royals played. Their speed on the bases had the Angels off balance all series and some outstanding defensive plays snuffed out a few of the Angels potential rallies. The Royals were very entertaining to watch and played the MLB Playoff series the way Ty Cobb would have been proud of.  It was Old Time Baseball.

Ty Cobb was one of the meanest and feared players to ever put on the cleats

Ty Cobb

In the National League of the MLB Playoffs, Allsports was shut out although not surprised. The two teams that refuse to lose in the big games of the MLB Playoffs did not disappoint. The Giants and the Cardinals took out their rivals by identical three games to one series scores. The question now is, which one of these two teams will blink first when they meet up for the National League Championship in the MLB Playoffs? The Giants scored their series winning run on a wild pitch and both teams had trouble bringing runs in with a man in scoring position. Bryce Harper was great at the plate for the Nationals but the trouble was he rarely had someone to drive in other than himself. While St. Louis was just more consistent at executing than the Dodgers and it helped having Matt Carpenter swinging the bat for them. He was involved with many of the scoring plays the Cardinals made. Allsports will make a prediction because after all that is the fun of it and of course the record could not get any worse.

So now the stakes are that much higher in the MLB Playoffs. The winners of the ALCS and NLCS will earn the right to represent their league in the World Series. There is an additional carrot for the American League Champion because they will get home field advantage in the World Series due to the fact that the American League won the All-star game this year.

The American League is often called the Junior Circuit. Who will represent in the MLB Playoffs

American League Logo

In the American League the upstart Royals head to Balitmore to open the ALCS for the MLB Playoffs on Friday night at 8 PM. All of the experts are not giving the Royals much of a chance in this one. The Orioles hit the most home runs in the Major Leagues this year, while the Royals hit the fewest. Baltimore has very few if any weaknesses and has played pretty consistent baseball all year long. They execute when they have to and very rarely beat themselves. As they say, Baltimore does all the little things well that win you ball games. With that said, the Royals are a young team and just don’t know that they are not supposed to be here. They made plays in the field that sucked the life out of any potential rallies and with that stayed away from the big inning that could hurt them. The Royals were on a high after putting away the Angels and most say the layoff before this round of the MLB Playoffs will hurt them more than it will the Orioles. They will come back to earth so to speak and the Orioles have more experience to keep them on a steady keel. Well Allsports thinks the Orioles will be quite formidable but with what I have seen from the Royals in these playoffs, the young guys have captured my enthusiasm and I don’t want to see it end. It will be a very tough series but my heart wants the Royals to win it so that is why I am going to take the Royals in the full seven games. It may not be where the smart money is but I am rooting for the Royals and their fans. It has been a long time coming in K.C., the young guys have played great so let’s not have the bubble burst on them yet.

The National League, also known as the senior circuit, who will represent in the MLB Playoffs

National League Logo

In the National League the Giants head to the Midwest to begin the NLCS on Saturday October 11th at 8 pm for the MLB Playoffs against the hometown Cardinals. This pits two of the best teams with the survival instinct over the last five years against each other. The whole series could depend on which team blinks first. Both rarely beat themselves and do the little things right. They are good at going in for the kill once they smell blood in the water. The Giants have been good as they have needed to be to get this far but Allsports wonders sometimes if they are doing it with mirrors? No big money players and no real pitching horses. This is where Allsports feels the Cardinals have the advantage in a couple of key areas. The Cards have their Ace, Adam Wainwright ready to start the series, so if it goes seven  games the Giants will see him three times. The Cards have the best catcher in baseball behind the plate in Yadier Molina and at third, Matt Carpenter, who has been hitting the cover off the ball lately. Obviously the rest of the team gets the job done too. Mike Matheny has proven to be a very capable manager too and it .just seems that the best managers were catchers during their playing days. Now if Madison Bumgarner can match Wainwright pitch for pitch and Pablo Sandoval can swing a hot bat then it gets interesting.  Buster Posey is proving to be the next dominate catcher in the game behind Molina and Bruce Bochy is Allsports pick for the best manager in baseball. So the field between the two teams could be pretty level. Allsports will flip and say that the Cardinals will win the Conference Championship series for the MLB Playoffs in 6-7 games.

The two series will have them going at each other much like a couple of bull moose.

Anyway you want to look at it both Conference Championships for the MLB Playoffs are shaping up to have some great baseball with a good dose of intrigue.


And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.


“No Guts No Glory”


Walt Webb

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