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So a few things have been going on in the sports news and sports on the web since my last post. I guess the biggest news in the sports world, at least in the United States is that Peyton Manning was cut loose by the Indianapolis Colts only to land in Denver. The contract will pay him about 19.2 million a year. Not a bad pay day for Peyton. Allsports thinks he would have looked good in a Chicago Bears uniform but I guess Jay Cutler will be their man again this year. With the Manning signing, Tim Tebow, who brought some excitement back to Denver last year, moved on and signed with the New York Jets. All bets are off as to whether he can help straighten out the mess in New York. Tebow seems to be the backup to Mark Sanchez for now but Allsports has to wonder just how long that will be. Tebow got a taste as a starter last year and did some good things so if Sanchez has a couple of mediocre outings he might start looking over his shoulder and Tebow might take his spot.

Peyton Manning signs with the Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning

In other sports news and sports on the web, the Toronto Maple Leafs won a game in New Jersey last night. James Reimer should get full credit for the win as he stopped 43 shots and got his team to the shoot out. The Leafs were winning the game by a 3-1 score but as has been the case far to often in the last month or so, the Leafs collapsed and let the Devils back into the game. It is likely one of the biggest total melt downs in the storied history of the Maple Leafs franchise because just five short weeks ago the Leafs were in a strong playoff position and sitting nine games above 500. Then the wheels fell off and Leafs Nation just wants the season to be over so they will be out of their misery for another year.

James Reimer gets the start against the San Jose Sharks

James Reimer

The Leafs called up forwards Nazem Kadri and Ryan Hamilton for the game in New Jersey and both contributed. Kadri had a goal and the shootout winner while Hamilton had an assist. Brian Burke stated previously that Kadri still had things to learn before becoming a regular in the NHL. Well gee Brian the guys you have there now sure are not showing what it takes to be in the NHL. Could the Tim Connolly signing have been more of a bust. But then again Connolly is an American so he must play with grit and truculence. Ya right, enough said. Oh wait a minute, lets not forget the fury of the Lion, Phil Kessel. He would sure win you some battles in the ally come playoff time, again ya right. The Leafs host the front running New York Rangers tonight at the ACC so we will see if they roll over and play dead or not.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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