Did the Patriots win Super Bowl 49 or did the Seahawks lose it?

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Super Bowl 49 belongs to the New England Patriots but Allsports was sure his prediction in the sports news and sports on the web was accurate. Then Pete Carroll had a brain cramp and everything changed. It made my cousin a happy camper but it sure left a bad taste in Allsports mouth. Pete what the FRANCE were you thinking? When Jermaine Kearse, made that circus catch at about the 4 yard line, Allsports thought the football gods were smiling down on the Seahawks, but it turned out not to be. There was time on the clock, you are on the half yard line and you have the best running back in the game poised to punch the ball in for the victory. Time outs and downs were in your favor and Allsports could not fathom why you decided to pass the ball. So with the poor decision did the Patriots win Super Bowl 49 or did the Seahawks lose Super Bowl 49. Discuss among yourselves but the bottom line is the New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions and the Seattle Seahawks are left with wondering what if?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy goes to the winner of the Super Bowl

The Vince Lombardi Trophy

Don’t get me wrong, the Brady Bunch was very deserving of the Super Bowl victory but Allsports could not fathom the logic of Pete Carroll’s decision. Did he think  the Patriots were thinking run and he was going to catch them off guard with the pass? Well the decision made Malcolm Butler an instant celebrity with the first interception of his career. What a way to get your first, it must all seem like a fairy tale and Butler must have to keep pinching himself to make sure he is not dreaming.

Butler thought Surprise, look what I found when the ball went right in his hands.

Malcolm Butler interception

But lets not lose sight of the fact that Tom Brady and company were deserving of the win. They were down 24-14 and fought back against  perhaps the best second half team in the NFL. With the Super Bowl victory, Tom Brady joins the likes of hall of fame quarterbacks, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with four Super Bowl championships. Brady ensures his ticket to Canton Ohio and the hall of fame once he hangs up the cleats. But Allsports thinks that Tom Brady is not finished quite yet. He can smell a fifth Super Bowl within his grasp if the Patriots can keep this team together next year. Allsports does not see any other AFC team deigning them another Super Bowl appearance next year. Seattle is the third youngest team in the league so the odds could favor a rematch in Super Bowl 50.


Allsports  is sure that the competitive fires still burn in Tom Brady and nothing would indicate that he does not have one more Super Bowl win in him before he hangs the cleats up for good. All in all you could not have written up a better game for a Super Bowl.

And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

“No Guts No Glory”

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