The NHL Playoffs second season is starting, who will win the war of attrition

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The NHL Playoffs, also known as the second season in the NHL is about to get underway and it is promising to be quite the war of attrition between the combatants. The NHL Playoffs should be front and center in the sports news and sports on the web. The rest of the West is breathing a little easier this year because the defending Stanley Cup Champion, L.A. Kings failed to make the grade and qualify.

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The Stanley Cup

As I said in the SEO  title of this piece, there really are no underdogs or upsets in these playoffs. In the East it took 98 points for the wild card entry and from 1st to 8th there was a difference of 15 points. In the West it was even tighter. Winnipeg needed 99 points for the wild card but Calgary was the lowest entry with 97 points in their division. The difference from 1st to 8th was a paltry 12 points. So with that in mind Allsports would not be surprised by any outcome in any of the series in this opening round. That adds up to a wild ride through these playoffs for the fans because there are no series where they should be over quickly. Every series will be tough to advance and that is why they call the NHL Playoffs or Stanley Cup Playoffs if you will, the toughest grind in professional sports. Who will come out on top? Well we will need about 10 weeks of fierce competition to find out.

Alllsports has now put together, who he thinks will advance to the second round. Tough picks indeed.

The Eastern Conference Logo of the National Hockey League

Eastern Conference Logo

In the East, Allsports is picking the Ottawa Senators to get past the Montreal Canadiens in seven games. Carey Price has had an amazing year and if not for him, you would have to wonder if Montreal even makes it into the NHL Playoffs. Ottawa has had a huge second half and been the best team in the league in the new calendar year. Ottawa did everything Toronto did not. Ottawa over Montreal  in 7

Well Allsports thinks Steve Stamcos will be too much for the aging wings to handle. The Wings goaltending has been a little suspect lately as well. Tampa over Detroit in Six.

The New York Rangers play the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now here are two teams going in opposite directions. The Rangers won the President’s trophy for the best regular season record and the Pens just squeaked into the NHL Playoffs on the last day of the season, beating the worst team in the league, Buffalo. Allsports will give Crosby and Malkin the benefit of the doubt here and say the Rangers will win this NHL Playoffs series in six  games. Many feel the Penguins will be lucky to win one game. Rangers over Pens in 6

Finally Allsports is picking Washington over the New York Islanders in the last NHL Playoffs series in the East. This one is really a crap shoot, flip a coin, or what ever. Allsports likes the team defense Washington plays and feels it will be the difference in the series. Just ask the Boston Bruins about it. Washington shut them out like 3 times this year. Caps over the Islanders in 7 games.

The Western Conference Logo of the National Hockey League

Western Conference Logo

In the West, Allsports likes the St. Louis Blues to take down the Wild in 6 games. The Blues have been knocking on the NHL Playoffs door for a few years now and Allsports thinks they have enough firepower to get past the Wild.

In the Chicago, Nashville, NHL Playoffs series. The Hawks got a big boost when it was announced that Patrick Kane would be ready for game one. Nashville has been playing uninspired hockey lately. Hawks will take it in 6 games.

The Winnipeg Jets have been playing NHL Playoffs hockey now for about the last six weeks of the season, just to get in. The Jets have received solid goaltending and their crowd will be jumping at Portage and Main. Allsports is not sure on whether the Ducks goaltending can win them this NHL Playoffs series. Jets over Ducks in 7.

Calgary and Vancouver is a real tough NHL Playoffs series to call. Vancouver finished 4 points ahead of Calgary to get home ice advantage but Calgary are a very young team that never takes a night off. The play tough and never quit. Something the Maple Leafs could learn from them. Calgary also had one of the best lines in hockey this year. This NHL Playoffs series could go either way but Allsports will say Calgary in 7 games

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