Madison Bumgarner derails Royals for third World Series Title

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“No Guts No Glory”

The World Series is over in the sports news and sports on the web. It was a great World Series and went the distance, but in the end Allsports prediction was a strike out. That was exactly what Madison Bumgarner did to the Royals all World Series. He was a horse, throwing something like 257 pitches and made history doing it. Bumgarner was the difference in the World Series, recording two wins and a save out of the Giants four wins and there was no doubt that he was the series MVP. Honorable mention for MVP has go to Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval. Pence batted .444 scoring 7 runs and batting in 5, Sandoval batted .429 scoring 6 runs and batting in 4.  Allsports knew Madison Bumgarner would be the dark horse in the World Series but never imagined that he would be so dominant and shut down the Royals so completely. We witnessed history in the making and Bumgarner had a series for the ages. He had a World Series  ERA of 0.43 and held the Royals to a .127 batting average over 21 innings of work. Lights out whenever he took the mound. His ERA and opposition batting average are the lowest in World Series history (minimum of 15 innings, Sandy Koufax, had a 0.38 ERA in the 1965 World Series)

Sandy Koufax won the World Series four times during his career

Sandy Koufax

Another Giant that was impressive to Allsports but flew under his radar was Joe Panik. He came up to the big club in June and did anything but panic on the field. Allsports was impressed with the way he carried himself and played the game the way it was meant to be played. One of the guys doing the play by play said you could use video of him for instructional video in the minor leagues. Allsports would agree and felt he had a real head for the game. In fact it could be argued that Panik made the defensive play of the World Series. With Lorenzo Cain on first base (he batted .308 for the World Series), Eric  Hosmer came to the plate and scorched a grounder up the middle. Panik got to the ball and scooped it out of his glove to Crawford who double up Hosmer by a hair at first. If panic try’s too transfer the ball to his throwing hand, Cain is safe with his speed and they don’t get Hosmer at first either. If the ball got through, then it would have been first and third with no outs. If he transfers the ball to his throwing hand then its first and second with no outs. He makes the play and it is no one on and two outs. Instant rally killer and likely the difference between the Giants winning and losing.

Madison Bumgarner had a World Series for the ages

Madison Bumgarner


You have to give the Royals a ton of credit too as they played some great baseball all through the playoffs and right through the World series too. This World Series was one of the worst for a TV audience but all Allsports has to say to that is too bad for you because you missed some great baseball by both teams.

The World Series, sometimes referred to as the fall classic

The Commissioner’s Trophy


So in Allsports opinion Bumgarner was the main reason the Giants win it but if one play could decide a series, it was the play Joe Panik made for that rally killing double play. Who knows how things end if that play is not made. That’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

” No guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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