Leaf Nation is in for a roller coaster ride of a season

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Up here in Toronto this time of year has the Toronto Maple Leafs filling up the sports news and sports on the web. The NFL is starting to sort out the contenders from the pretenders. The Canadian Football League is into the Conference Finals with the winners going on to the Grey Cup. Yes there is quite a bit of interest in the two football leagues but let’s face it, Toronto is a hockey town and the Toronto Maple Leafs eat up the lion’s share of the sports news space.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a charter member of the NHL

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have been doing their best impression of Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hide so far this season. Looking like legitimate contenders one game, then turning around and playing like an East Coast hockey team in the next. It must be driving Coach Randy Carlyle crazy from the team’s inconsistency. How can you look so good in one game (The Toronto Maple Leafs beat a very good Tampa team last night handily 5-2). Then stink the rink out as they did 48 hours earlier getting thumped by Nashville 9-2. Is Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment LTD saving money by dressing a poor junior team for half of the games? Shanahan, Nonis and Carlyle must all be shaking their heads in disbelief at the way the season has gone so far. It would drive lesser men to drink. Carlyle and Shanahan must be ready to choke someone because throughout both of their distinguished playing careers, they were anything but inconsistent. They do realize that there are some young guys on the team that are going to make mistakes but when the same mental mistakes keep happening you have to start to wonder. It can’t just be blamed on the young guys either. Some of the seasoned veterans are making the same rookie mistakes too. So make sure your seat belts are good and secure, Leafs Nation because the season is turning into quite the roller coaster ride. But will the roller coaster stop at a playoff spot?

And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

“No Guts No Glory”

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