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So it has been quite a while since Allsports has written anything for the sports news and sports on the web. Christmas has come and gone. Merry belated Christmas to everyone. New Years came and went, so all the best to everyone and may 2014 be a great year.

Ice Storm in Brampton Ontario- Dec 22 2013

Ice Storm Brampton 2013

Personally, the Holiday was a little taxing this year as I was without hydro for a week over the Christmas break. You take things like power for granted in your everyday life until you have to do without it. The house got pretty chilly during that time but I was lucky enough to have a gas fireplace in the basement which gave off just enough heat to keep my water pipes from freezing. My city was hit by a huge ice storm the weekend before Christmas and we lost many of out beautiful mature trees. That is what happened to my hydro line as it tangled with falling tree limbs. I have included some pictures but they really don’t take in the extent of the damage. Some of the city streets looked like a war zone. If you look close you can see my Hydro line tangled in the trees.

Ice Storm in Brampton Ontario- Dec 22 2013

Ice Storm

Ice Storm in Brampton Ontario- Dec 22 2013

Ice Storm


Ice Storm in Brampton Ontario- Dec 22 2013

Ice Storm

But anyway with that said there was quite a bit of sports action going on the last little while. Here is a brief on what was happening. Out Canadian Junior team was shut out of the medals for the second year in a row, finishing 4th. We lost to Russia 2-1 in the bronze medal game. Canada was taken out by a surprising Finnish team that seemed to gel just at the right time. They played a tough game against the Canadian lads and won 5-1 in the semi final. The game was much closer than the score would indicate, but then again a loss is a loss. The boys from Finland deserve full marks in the victory though because they proved it was no fluke by beating the heavily favored Swedish home side in the final 3-2 in overtime. So a well earned congratulations to Finland for their gold medal performance. It just goes to show how tough this tournament is to win. Team USA, which won gold last year, did not even get past the quarter finals this year. Yes you have to be very good to win but you also need a little of lady luck on your side as well.

The game was played on New Years day at Michigan Stadium

The Winter Classic 2014

The NHL is in full flight with a very condensed schedule leading up to the Olympic break. The big news was the Winter Classic between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings being played in the “Big House“.  The game set records for hockey and was great for the game. There were over 107,000 fans in attendance at Michigan Stadium and over 8.2 million viewers in North America. These are both records for hockey. The Leafs won the game 3-2 in a shootout but have looked like they are still at the classic in their four games since because they have lost them all and have not looked good in any of them. I guess it is time to wake up and get back to playing hockey.

The National Lacrosse League started it’s 2014 season up last weekend with the Toronto Rock beating the Calgary Roughnecks 16-11. While Colorado beat Vancouver 13-12. It is looking like another good competitive season in the NLL.

Tom Brady is the Quarterback for the New England Patriots

Tom Brady

The NFL Playoffs got underway last weekend with the Wild Card games being played on Saturday and Sunday. Allsports  was looking at the games and thought you could have gone 4-0 or 0-4 quite easily but if I had made a prediction I likely would have ended up 1-3. The games were close for the most part other than the Chargers going into Cinci and winning 27-10. That by the way would have been one of my loses. I thought the Bengals would have won that one at home. The game I would have got right was the 49ER’s in a squeaker over the Packers.

This week in the Divisional round of the AFC . You have Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts coming to Foxborough to play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The other game has the San Diego Chargers going to Mile High Stadium for a date with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Allsports thinks that you never bet against two of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history and for that reason alone. the Patriots and Broncos will come through to fight for the AFC title and a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Manning and Brady will both find a way to get the job done.

Cam Newton is the Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton

The the NFC Divisional round, you have two match-ups that are pretty tough to call. The San Francisco 49er’s go into Carolina and take on Cam Newton and the Panthers. This should be a good hard hitting game between teams with very good defenses. The Niner’s squeaked out a victory last week in Green Bay, but Allsports thinks it could be a different story this week. The Panthers have been improving as the season has progressed and could give San Fran trouble. Allsports will flip a coin and pick the Panthers in a very close game.

The other game has the New Orleans Saints traveling to the west coast for a date with the NFC’s top team, the Seattle Sea Hawks. These two teams met earlier in the season and Drew Brees could not deal with the 12th man. The game was not pretty for the Saints and although Allsports thinks the game will be closer, the Hawks home town crowd will cause chaos for the Saints offence and Seattle will come through. Allsports actually likes the Hawks for winning the Super Bowl  but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

So there you have it, New England and Denver in the AFC. Carolina and Seattle in the NFC.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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