Germany are crowned World Cup Champions

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“No Guts No Glory”

So the biggest thing in the sports news and sports on the web this summer has ended. Yes you guessed it, the World Cup. The German side ended up coming out on top 1-0 over Argentina when a young substitute named Mario Gotze scored a beautiful goal in extra time. He took the pass off his chest and volleyed it into the far corner of the net and the Argentine goalkeeper had no chance. The young mans life will now change forever.It became Germany’s fourth World Cup tittle, tying them with Italy. Allsports was just happy that the game did not go into the dreaded penalty kicks which he believes is a crappy way to end a championship of such magnitude like the World Cup. They should take a page out of the NHL playoff book and keep playing until fatigue forces a mental mistake for the game to be won. It should be a war of attrition  out there.

The Gotze goal came in extra time

The Goal by Mario Gotze

Some of the things that surprised Allsports in the World Cup Tournament were and these are in no particular order.

The defending World Cup Champion, Spain going out like a lamb in the opening round of the World Cup.

England having its worst showing ever in the World Cup, with only one point. On this Allsports thinks they have to revamp their soccer program on the grass roots level to become competitive again although they did perhaps deserve a better fate in the opening round of the World Cup.

Germany’s complete annihilation of Brazil in the World Cup semi final. A 7-1 Shellacking. On a positive note.

A young Belgian team that served notice that they could be a force to be reckoned with in the   2018 Wold Cup hosted by Russia.

Lionel Messi won the golden ball award as the World Cup’s best player but Allsports thinks that Thomas Muller was just as deserving.

Gotze and Muller celebrate the World Cup winner

Mario Gotze and Tomas Muller

Although Alsports enjoys the game at the World Cup level and admires the skills and endurance that these elite athlete offer there are some things that he does not agree with coming from a Hockey and Lacrosse background. The theatrics that some of the players go through when they are seemingly hurt. They go down sometimes like they have been shot and it is not good for the game. The last thing you ever wanted to do is let the other team know that they hurt you when playing hockey or lacrosse. Your grown men for Christ sake, suck it up and keep playing. The World Cup should introduce delay of game penalties for some of the antics that take place.

Put in an over and back rule much like lacrosse and basketball. Once you cross the center line you have to move to attack. If the ball comes back over the line you loose possession and the other team gets a free kick. This would help speed the game up a bit. If you wanted to get extreme you could even introduce a shot clock  where the attacking team had a certain amount of time to make a shot attempt. This would produce more action even though I do understand that the game at times can be a bit of a chess match. It would just increase the entertainment value. While we are on the topic of time, why not institute stop time for the game or at least in the World Cup, it’s not like we don’t have the technology now This might reduce the time wasted on supposed injuries.

So there you have it, the World Cup sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb


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