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Hello everyone, Allsports here and spring is in the air. With that Allsports has decided to do a little in the way of organization of his Allsports friends. These are people I have met through my online travels who share an interest and a passion for sports. Most do their own version of sports news and sports on the web. There are differences but that’s what makes everyone unique and makes the interactions on the web special. Not all are sports minded completely, some such as “Caution Wet Paint” do comedy video and are located in the UK.  We met because they are passionate hockey fans and they wanted to do a parody comical sketch on hockey, they did a great job and I check in with them occasionally to have a look at their latest endeavors. That said here are the rest of Allsports Friends, drop on by and say hello and tell them Allsports sent you.

Anthony at ctek-solutions

Cristiano Ronaldo

Hoop Link

How To Hockey

Inside World Soccer

Live Golf

NHL Live Streaming

Online sports articles

Online Tennis

Paul Grottoli’s Photo Gallery

Pellerins Photography

Penalty Kill

Sports Betting Blog

Sports Interaction

Watch Live Rugby

“No Guts No Glory”
Walt Webb

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