Eight teams advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs


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The Stanley Cup Playoffs have moved on to the second round in the sports news and sports on the web. Allsports had mediocre prediction results for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs but as stated in the last post where the predictions were made. There could really be no upsets due to the parity of the teams involved. The whole series could swing on one save or one missed opportunity. Look at St. Louis, great regular season but frustrated again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They spend all kinds of money on Paul Stastny last off season but Allsports is shaking his head saying, where is your goaltending to get you there. Well boys and girls, the Blues are gone because their goalies were not as good as Devan Dubnyk  in the Wild net. Funny, Dubnyk could not play goal in Edmonton or Arizona but he comes to the Wild, with a little structure on defense and low and behold. The Wild become a Stanley Cup contender.

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The Stanley Cup

Allsports finished with a 5 of 8 record in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the second round won’t get any easier to predict. The three first round Stanley Cup Playoff series where Allsports choked were picking Winnipeg over Anaheim, (wishful thinking). St. Louis over Minnesota (thought they could overcome their goaltending) and Ottawa over Montreal (close games that Sens were on the wrong end of).  But life goes on and it’s time to see where we stand for the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Here was the best save of the Stanley Cup playoffs to date as far as Allsports is concerned

In the East

The Eastern Conference Logo of the National Hockey League

Eastern Conference Logo

The Washington Capitals travel to the “Big Apple” to tangle with the Rangers. This Stanley Cup Playoff series starts tonight at Madison Square Gardens. The Rangers won the President’s trophy this year, which is awarded to the team with the best record during the regular season. Allsports likes the Rangers because they are solid through a deep lineup with one of the best, if not the best goaltender in the league with Henrik Lundqvist. The Capitals have Alex Ovechkin but Allsports thinks the speed and depth of the Rangers will where down the Caps over the course of the Stanley Cup series and the Rangers will advance. New York in six games.

Tampa Heads out to Montreal in the other eastern Stanley Cup Playoff series. The Lightning have a bee in their bonnet this year too. Last year they lost their number one goalie, Ben Bishop, just before the Stanley Cup playoffs began and Montreal put Tampa out in four straight games. You can be sure that Steven Stamkos and company won’t be letting that happen this year. They have a long memory and in fact did not give the Habs a sniff at a win in all four meetings during the regular season. The Bolts were the highest scoring team in the league this year and Montreal has trouble putting the puck in the net. Tampa got past Detroit without a single goal from Stamkos, which does not happen often. Montreal could be in for a beating if Stamkos starts lighting the lamp. All things considered, Carey Price could win this Stanley Cup playoff series all on his own, he has been that good. But he won’t, lots of rubber will come his way and he will be great but unless Bishop poo poo’s the bed Allsports can’t see Montreal advancing. Tampa in seven games. And the only reason I am going seven is out of respect for the goaltending of Carey Price.


In the West

The Western Conference Logo of the National Hockey League

Western Conference Logo

The Minnesota Wild, fresh off their confidence building performance against the Blues, head into the Windy City to take on the Black Hawks. Chicago just finished a tough series against Nashville and both teams advanced after 6 games so fatigue should not be an advantage. The Wild play a structured defensive game but have also increased their depth and team speed. The Hawks are the Hawks and Allsports calls them the Muhammad Ali of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can have them on the ropes for most of the game and then BAM, three goals in three minutes and you are left wondering just what the France happened. For this reason Allsports is leaning towards a Hawks Stanley Cup series win. At the end of the day the Hawks have more depth and too much fire power for the Wild to handle. Put Corey Crawford into the mix in the net (he has won a Stanley Cup) and there might be just a bit too much for the Wild to handle. Chicago in seven games.

In the other western Stanley Cup Playoff series, the young Calgary flames travel to Anaheim to open against the Ducks. Allsports would love for the Flames to put out the Ducks and advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. First because they are a Canadian team and they have played tough gritty hockey since day one of the season, never giving up. Secondly with all due respect for Ryan Getslaff and Corey Perry, Allsports can’t stand the name “Ducks” which came from the “Mighty Ducks” which was a friggin movie, give me a break. The name has no credibility and is a brutal name for as National Hockey League team. That said though the Ducks are a strong team and a true contender for the Stanley Cup. My heart wants the Flames but my head is telling me different. In the end Allsports thinks that the Ducks will be too strong and too deep for the Flames to handles and will advance. Ducks in six games.

On a side note, Jonas Hiller will start in the Flames net against his old teammates. Hiller would like nothing better than to rain on the Ducks parade. Here is hoping he can but still a Calgary win is a long shot. Allsports is hoping they can defy the odds.


And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

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