Restored Shepherd Boats cruising Balsam Lake

The Balson family reunion was held at my cousins cottage this time around and we were treated to my cousin Gord’s  hobbie of restoring Shepherd boats. He has two. The first is a 1949 speed boat and the second is a 1954 cabin cruiser. Checking on the pictures you will hopefully be as impressed with […]

Canada Looking good at the World Junior Hockey Championships

The World Junior Hockey Championships are taking place in Toronto and Montreal. Right now they are the main headline for sports news and sports on the web, here in Canada. It has been a while since Allsports has last posted due to family obligations Christmas and the like. To be honest I have experienced a […]

Sports and Gambling, a Timeless Activity

  Betting on sports events has always been a pastime in the human condition and I am sure that back as far as the Romans the odd denarius  was wagered on which gladiator would decapitate the other. Over the year’s sports betting has been refined where there are more choices in sports to bet on […]

Happy New Year from Allsports on the Web

So it has been quite a while since Allsports has written anything for the sports news and sports on the web. Christmas has come and gone. Merry belated Christmas to everyone. New Years came and went, so all the best to everyone and may 2014 be a great year. Personally, the Holiday was a little […]