Canada Looking good at the World Junior Hockey Championships

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The World Junior Hockey Championships are taking place in Toronto and Montreal. Right now they are the main headline for sports news and sports on the web, here in Canada. It has been a while since Allsports has last posted due to family obligations Christmas and the like. To be honest I have experienced a little bit of a writers block as well. Knowing there were events that I should discuss but just not feeling that the quality of work would be suitable for the blog.

Team Canada is poised to win their first Gold Medal in five years

Team Canada

Canada is poised to win their first World Junior Hockey gold medal in the last five years and have looked to be the strongest team through all of the games played so far. But in a one game knock out format anything can happen. First Team Canada has to get past the pesky Slovaks in the Semi final to get a date for the World Junior Hockey gold medal game against either Sweden or Russia. Canada whipped the Slovaks 8-0 in round robin play but the Slovaks have improved steadily since that meeting. Allsports still thinks Team Canada is the strongest team and will be on the podium for the Gold in the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Canada lost some hockey Royalty when Jean_Béliveau passed away

Jean Béliveau

Canada lost some hockey Royalty with the passing of Jean Béliveau. He was a great player in his day but an even greater person. The accolades from all of the people he touched was truly transpiring. Even Ted Lindsay thought he was a class person and old Ted never liked anybody he played against. He laid to rest for 3 days in the Bell Center where people from all walks of life could come and pay their respects. It was a very long line. It makes Allsports wonder what the Toronto Maple Leafs will do when Johnny Bower finally passes on. Honorable mention also  goes out to Pat Quinn and Viktor Tikhonov. Tikhonov coached the Soviet Red Army machine in the 70’s while Quinn had a very broad resume’ , coaching and playing in the NHL and also leading Canada to Olympic Gold in 2002 and a World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal in 2009, the last time Canada won the World Junior Hockey Championship by the way. All three men will be missed in the hockey fraternity and none more than Beliveau.

The Logos for all of the teams in the NFL

NFL Team Logos

The NFL Playoffs kick off this weekend with the Wild Card games. It should be another great NFL Playoff run. The games will be close to call but Allsports is thinking Pittsburgh and Indy in the AFC with  Dallas and Carolina in the NFC. Arizona is down to their third string quarter back so the Panthers get a gimme.

And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway. Good luck to our Canadian Juniors in the World Junior Hockey Championships to win the gold medal.

“No Guts No Glory”

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