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Hello everyone, allsports here for a bit of sports news and sports on the web. Fall is a busy time of year in the world of sports. Football is in full swing in both the Canadian Football League and in the National Football League. Hockey is in the preseason, with the regular season just around the corner. Major League Baseball’s regular season is winding down and the playoff picture is becoming clearer. Lacrosse is over for another year and training camps are getting started for the NBA, if there is no strike.

My Daughter Lindsay Webb at the Provincials

Lindsay ready for the Faceoff

My daughter’s provincials for women’s field were a little disappointing this year. Personally my daughter Lindsay had a pretty good showing but the team just did not perform up to expectations and we did not get into the playoff round. There were many reasons why this happened but I don’t want to say who was not playing up to their potential. Lindsay made the most of the chances she was given finding the net whenever she was given the opportunity. But alas on a whole the chances were slim because the ladies did not play smart lacrosse and got caught chasing the ball instead of controlling it. Enough said.

Major League Baseball Logo


The Major League Baseball season is almost over and the main question allsports has is, are the Boston Red Sox going to hold onto the wild card position in the American League? or are they going to crash and burn with one of the worst collapses in Major League history. The Red Sox have had a brutal September and a very comfortable lead has disappeared. Can they hold on? The picture will be clear after this weekends games.

The World Series Trophy

The World Series Trophy

For my money the World Series will be going through Philadelphia this year and the Phillies will be the team to beat.  There is just too much quality pitching in their dugout not to mention a strong offense to complement it. Two questions remain for the regular season.  Justin Verlander should be a shoe in for the Cy Young award in the American League as far as allsports is concerned and will Jose Bautista be the American League MVP. The numbers he has put up this year give him a great chance but some of the time the team performance helps dictate the winner.  Curtis Granderson, could take it away from Bautista. Who would you pick for the National League Cy Young. Two Phillies come to mind, Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee.

Granderson has had a great season and the Yankees did win their division but Bautista still gets the nod from allsports.

NFL Team Logos

National Football League team Logos

The National Football League is in full swing and allsports is wondering if the readers are thinking the same way he is. In the AFC allsports likes what the New England Patriots did in the off season and they have to be one of the favorites to make some noise. Allsports also thinks the New York Jets will still be around when the dust settles. Don’t count the Pittsburgh Steelers out either. They didn’t look good in week one but it is a long season and there is one thing the Steelers know how to do and that is win.

Green Bay's Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rogers

In the NFC allsports thinks that the road to the Super Bowl will go through Green Bay. They showed last year that they have great depth in the organization and Aaron Roger became a star. The Philadelphia Eagles made some very good improvements too and have arguably the best defensive secondary in the league. Micheal Vick running the offense will make sure the Eagles can put some points on the board. Look for the Detroit Lions to finally turn the corner and be a competitive team this year. This could be bad news for my Chicago Bears as they will be in a dog fight to make the playoffs in a very tough division. As I see it now the Eagles will be playing the Packers for the NFC championship.

NHL Logo

NHL Logo

The National Hockey League preseason is underway with the regular season just around the corner. Can Boston stay on top or will they have a Stanley Cup hangover. The Toronto Maple Leafs should be better this year and hopefully make the playoffs. Jake Gardiner has been a very pleasant surprise on the Leafs blue line and has shown he has the skating and hockey mentality to play in the NHL Mike Komisarek on the other hand might be playing in the American League soon. Allsports thinks he is too slow for the League and always a half a step behind the play. He will ultimately take unnecessary penalties because of this and may serve the Leafs better on the farm where he can help Dallas Eakins develop the Leafs young talent. There won’t be much interest in Komisarek with the contract he has so he may as well be sent down so he won’t be on the salary cap for the big club.

So there you have it, just a few of allsports thoughts in the wonderful world of sports news and sports on the web.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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