Allsports finds some Video Evidence of what he is Against in Hockey Fights


If you have followed much of what I have written for sports on the web, you will know what my position is on fighting in hockey. In an article I wrote back on January 24th of this year titled ” Allsports thinks there is Method to fighting in hockey”. I was stating that there was a place for fighting in hockey but also said that the NHL could look at a few things and rule accordingly. The quote for what I said is as follows, ”


“If the NHL wants to look at fighting maybe they should concentrate on the tripping and slew footing in a fight. Stay on your feet, batten down the bucket and swing away, you could pull a guy off balance but you can’t take the legs out from under him”.


Now here is a little bit of video to explain a little of what I think should be looked at in hockey fights. The video is from a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Black Hawks last week. Everything starts after Roberto Luongo is punched into the net by Dustin Byfuglien. Actions like that are what start fights in the first place and his actions are why there is a place for fighting in hockey. Byfuglien should have been hit hard by the league for his actions, not only for the action but for the reactions to it.

Here is the Video

Pay special attention to Ben Eager and Kevin Bieksa, Eager lands a great punch, which is what its about but later in the scuffle he pulls the legs out from under Bieksa which was what I would say was the dangerous part. That should not be allowed in a hockey fight and it is a good example of what I had quoted from my previous post.  Duncan Keith gets his hair pulled by Alex Burrows in another altercation and there is no room for that in hockey fighting either.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

P.S. Firefox may seem to have a bit of an issue with fighting in hockey, so for those of you that can’t see the video, here is the link, lol.

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