It’s the 102nd Grey Cup

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The 102nd Grey Cup is in the sports news and sports on the web in Canada right now and it has been a tradition north of the 49th parallel for generations. As far as tradition goes, the Grey Cup dwarfs the National Football League. The Canadian Football League was organized and running while the NFL was just a willy nilly disorganized bunch playing a half assed game in a sand lot somewhere.

The CFL lacks all of the hype, pomp and pageantry of the NFL broadcasts but make no mistake, the CFL is a very entertaining brand of football. Many an NFL star has come north of the boarder, only to crash and burn because they did not have the skill sets to become a star in the CFL.

One of the oldest trophies in Team sports

The Grey Cup

There are many differences between the two games but suffice to say the main difference is mobility and passing to stand out in the CFL. If so inclined check Allsports post back in November of 2008 to see the differences in the football leagues.

This year the Hamilton Tiger Cats travel to Vancouver to take on the Calgary Stampeders. Hamilton represented the East in last year’s Grey Cup but they are hoping for a better fate this time around. They will surely have their work cut out for them as Calgary was by far the best time in the league during the regular season and made short work of the Edmonton Eskimos in last week’s Western Final. Hamilton does have a secret weapon though suiting up for the black and gold. That weapon is Brandon Banks who is a threat to break it open every time he touches the ball, whether on a kick return or receiving a pass. He is small in stature but has speed and agility to burn. He has the knack of making would be tacklers miss and is the Ticats Ace in the hole for the Grey cup games.

Can Brandon Banks be the difference in the Grey Cup

Brandon Banks

This year’s Grey Cup should be an entertaining affair just like most are and should be close. Allsports thinks the Stampeders will come out on top and Hamilton will be the brides maid again this year but that said anything can happen on Grey Cup Sunday and after all that’s why the games are played.

And that’s the sports news and sports on the web, or the way I see it anyway.

“No Guts No Glory”

Walt Webb

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